About Master Petra (English)

My name is Petra Herz.

My first profession is being an architect and my professional aspiration and goal was to build healing rooms and facilities for people who needed medical care.

For me the house is like a third skin. The physical skin is of course the first one, followed by the clothes we wear, being our second skin and then the house we live in as our third skin.

Throughout my professional life I made the following experience again and again: even if the best interior designs, biological constructions and materials were applied, people still did not recover or became sick.

So I started to look for other healing modalities.

During a healing seminar that I assisted a participant gave me a book as a gift. It was “Soul Mind Body Medicine”. When I started to read it I was truly fascinated and I ordered all of Master Zhi Gang  Sha’s books. In 2007 I met Master Zhi Gang Sha in person when he came to Germany for the first time. I told him about my profession, my quest to find an effective healing modality to create healing rooms, or even better to heal existing rooms people live and work in.

Master Sha listened and he transmitted a wonderful gift from the Divine to me – a Feng Shui Golden Healing Ball. With this very generous gift from the Divine I am able to help people with their homes and offices to transform energy blockages without having to see the rooms or offices. The power of the blessings coming from this Divine Feng Shui Soul creates an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony within a few minutes.

Since I have received this powerful transmission I was able to help many people to feel home in their homes and to enjoy a better atmosphere in their offices.

Now, I am one of the World Wide Representatives of Master Sha. As a Divine Channel, I am responsible for the Divine Temples worldwide.

I feel deeply blessed and honored to have received this wonderful gift and as a Divine Servant and Channel I offer my service with dedication to heal and tranform rooms so people that are in these rooms can also heal and transform.

Enjoy my blogs.

 I am delighted to serve you with my articles for your own spiritual journey.

With Love, Peace & Harmony

Petra Herz

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the love of what you do so well.. This is great and inspirational to use what you already connect to professionally and blending with spiritual. Love, Brenda